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In accordance with European directives and with French Law No. 78-17 of January 1978 on information processing, electronic files and civil liberties, the web site and database of the European Science Foundation (ESF) have been declared at the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL), which is the independent French administrative authority protecting privacy and personal data.  Within this framework all persons registered in the database have a right to access and update the personal information about them and to ask for such information to be modified, deleted etc.

ESF Direct Activities

Direct access to the information stored in our database is restricted to members of ESF and COST staff working in our offices in Strasbourg and Brussels.  The data will, under no circumstances, be used for commercial purposes.

The database is used as an address book for ESF and COST staff and is also used as a tool for the management of our activities.  In this framework we record information on the following:

  • ESF and COST Committee Membership

  • ESF meeting participants

  • ESF Grantees

  • ESF Grant Hosts

  • Proposals (Exploratory Workshop, Network, Progamme, EUROCORES, EURYI, ESF Research Conferences, COST Actions)

  • Review Procedures including information on (potential) referees

The information we collect is also used to compile statistics for our Member Organisations and, where relevant, for other organisations who provide funding to ESF e.g. the European Commission for EUROCORES.

Where ESF contracts an independent body to carry out a study on its behalf the ESF Secretariat may provide scientific and financial data on its activities, which may include the names and contact details of persons involved in the activities etc.  In such cases however the organisation carrying out the study undertakes, in writing, to treate all data they receive from ESF in confidence and to use it only for the purposes of the study for which they have been contracted.

For more information, please contact database[at]

To whom do we give the data collected?

Some examples of the recipients of data collected by ESF are as follows

 Categories of Information


Address lists of committees

- ESF Member Organisations & Statutory Bodies
- ESF Web Site*
- ESF Publications e.g. annual report, About the ESF
Each member of a committee receives a list of the members of that committee

Address lists of meeting participants

- ESF Member Organisations & Statutory Bodies
- ESF Web Site*
- Committee responsible for the relevant activity e.g. Programme Steering Committee
- Each meeting participant receives a list of participants of that meeting

Application and proposal data, including addresses of applicants

- ESF Member Organisations & Statutory Bodies
- ESF Committee responsible for recommendation on/allocation of funding e.g. Review Panel
- Independent referees#

Evaluation data, including name and full address of referee

- ESF Member Organisations & Statutory Bodies
- ESF Committee responsible for recommendation on/allocation of funding e.g. Review Panel

Evaluation data, without name and address of referee

- Applicant

List of referees (name and affiliation), unallocated to applications/proposals

- ESF Web Site 

List of applications/proposals funded, including information on persons involved

- ESF Member Organisations & Statutory Bodies
- ESF Web Site

Subsequent reports

- ESF Member Organisations & Statutory Bodies
- ESFCommittee responsible for activity/evaluation of reports
- Independent referees#